Everyone Should Have a Side Hustle

Having a side-hustle has never been easier or more profitable, thanks to technology. 

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a side hustle is something that makes you extra money on the 'side' of your primary source of income. You may be thinking that by 'primary source of income' I'm talking to people with a normal desk job, but I actually mean everyone. Entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, athletes, astronauts...everyone. 

Apart from it being easier and more profitable than it's ever been, the other reason why everyone should have a side hustle is that it's a smart move. Diversifying your income streams is a safer bet than relying on just one. What if you get fired from your job? What if your business fails? What if your living expenses go up?

Or let's flip the perspective to a positive one. Wouldn't it be nice to take an extra vacation every year? Wouldn't it be nice to go to fancy restaurants more often? Wouldn't it be nice to donate more to causes you care about?

A side hustle is the foundation for all of it. Most people can't become billionaires, but most people can start a side hustle. 

How? There are just three simple steps. 

1. Find the time

I always find it funny when people complain that they don't have enough time, and in the same conversation they'll talk about how they're binge-watching the latest hot series on Netflix. 

Everyone has the same amount of time, you just need to audit how you spend yours and then prioritize what you do with it.

Instead of checking social media 20 times a day, check it once or twice. Instead of sleeping eight hours a night, sleep seven hours (as Arnold Schwarzenegger hilariously puts it, "just sleep faster"!) Instead of cooking every night, cook twice as much and split it across two days.

You can always find time if you try hard enough. 

2. Decide what you're going to do

Now that you've got the time, think about what kind of side hustle you want to start. Because of the internet, you can pretty much monetize anything.

I'd recommend focusing on something that actually interests you, or something that you already have some degree of skill or experience in so that the learning curve isn't too steep and demanding of your time.

If you're stuck for ideas, I'd recommend reading my 10 Ways to Digitally Grow Your Fortune. All of them can be adapted to your own interests, skills and experience in some way, and they can also be managed from just a phone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection.

3. Do it

Execution is where most people stop. They love to endlessly daydream and imagine what it would be like to get what they want, because it makes them feel better. They say things like, "one day" or "I'll get around to it" and my favourite, "I'll do it tomorrow." If you can do it now, do it now.

Questions on how to do something will always come up when you're starting something new. Luckily, there's one answer for them all. Google it. Seriously, just Google it. I'm willing to bet that someone has already done whatever you decide to do. So you can either look at what they've done and replicate it, or there's so much knowledge on the internet, you may even be able to find 'how-to' videos on YouTube or a course on Udemy. For a full list of my recommended ways to learn online, you can check out my Five Ways to Learn Your Way to Success.


These three simple steps may seem overly simplistic, but that's all there is to it. Don't overthink, overcomplicate or over-engineer your side hustle, it's there to make your life better.

So find the time to start a side hustle, decide what you're going to do and then just do it.

It doesn't matter how much money you make with it, even small amounts can add up to large rewards. Making just $10 extra per day with minimal effort could pay for a trip to your dream destination every year, and that's the beauty of the side hustle.

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  • Top article Nik. Simple, informative and it’s got me pumped up!

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