Hang Out With These Three Groups of People

Friends, family, partners and colleagues are the most common types of people you encounter during the social experience of life (honourable shoutout to booty calls, frenemies and 4am Uber drivers who didn't make the list).

Although those relationships are the most important, they're not enough to live the fullest life and become a truly complete person.

There's actually three groups of people who you need to achieve that; those above you, those beside you and those below you. 

Those Above You
These are teachers, mentors and role models. People who you can learn from. People who you can ask for guidance. People who you can get inspiration from. Unless you know everything, can predict the future and feel constantly motivated, those above you can push you further and faster than you could achieve alone. 

Those Beside You
These are friends, family, partners and colleagues. People who you can have fun with. People who you can rely on. People who you can relate to. Life's a rollercoaster of highs and lows, and those beside you are on the ride with you (and hopefully not throwing up).

Those Below You
These are students, protégés and the less fortunate. People who you can teach. People who you can advise. People who you can help. The world doesn't work if everyone just takes for themselves without giving back. If that 'hippie' logic doesn't hit the spot, there's also a selfish reason to support those below you; it fills you with positive feelings of gratitude, fulfilment and satisfaction. 

You don't necessarily have to spend a third of your time with each group, but aim to strike a balance that includes all of them in some way.

It's requires more time and effort to proactively build a variety of relationships than to just interact with the ones you already have, but the return on investment is worth it. 

If you're only hanging with people who look, think, feel and live the same way as you, then you have to ask yourself, are they really people or just a crowd of mirrors?

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