Instagram Growth Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Instagram is my favourite social media platform. It's one of the hottest around, with hundreds of millions of active users, an explosive growth rate, continually upgrading features and the highest engagement rate per post of any of its biggest rivals.

People are enjoying massive success on it every day, but there are many more who are getting lost in the crowd. If you want to be one of the success stories, then here are my best Instagram growth tips, tricks and strategies that you can start putting into action today:

Free Growth Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Likes, Comments, Follows and DMs
Get people’s attention by engaging and communicating with them. Many of them many check you out, like what they see and start following your account.

Find accounts of a similar size and category to yours. Offer to promote theirs for free if they do the same for you (it’s a win-win).

Tags and Features
Tag popular accounts in your content. This will make your content show up on their profile’s tagged section, and they may even feature or repost it.

Ask people to take a specific action (e.g. clicking a link, commenting on your post, tagging friends) in return for a chance of winning something that you can offer for free.

Add up to 30 relevant or trending hashtags per post. Instead of adding these in the caption (which looks messy), post them as a comment so they‘re hidden.

Activity Feed
Get your existing followers to like and comment on your posts. This shows up on their followers’ activity feeds, which boosts your content’s reach.

Discover Page
Optimise your content so that it gets featured on Instagram’s Discover page. This will show your content to a significant number of new people.

Engagement Groups
Join engagement groups, which are informal agreements between accounts to regularly promote each other to their followers.

The Network Effect
Cross-promote your Instagram account with your other digital assets (e.g. other Instagram or social media accounts, blog, website and email signature).

Paid Growth Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Pay people with large followings to promote your account through their posts, stories and profile bio, or by liking and commenting on your content.

Instagram Advertising
Use Facebook's incredibly powerful advertising platform to reach new, targeted and highly valuable people at scale on Instagram. You can choose specific objectives you’d like to achieve, like maximizing video views, boosting engagement or making sales.

Ask people to take a specific action (e.g. clicking a link, commenting on your post, tagging friends) in return for a chance of winning a prize. You can also collaborate with other accounts and combine your prize budgets to get amazing prizes that go viral.

Use automaton to automatically like, comment, follow and message people on your behalf. I don’t recommend it because if it's used incorrectly, you could get your account banned. But it does work and many people use it, so it deserves a cautious mention just as an FYI.

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