About Nik

Nik Swami is an entrepreneur who has launched digital ventures across media, lifestyle and products. He also advises entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals and students in over 125 countries.

Before entrepreneurship, Nik was a management consultant at a leading global consultancy firm that advises most of the world's largest brands. He developed valuable skills, made friends for life and had unforgettable experiences. It was comfortable. But the demands, limitations and restrictions of the corporate world didn't align with Nik's desire to freely live and work how he wanted, so he decided not to settle and resigned.

In the entrepreneurial world, Nik flirted with a variety of ideas over several months. Some had limited success, whilst others received millions of online views and made multiple six figures in revenue from customers around the world. Like most logical people, Nik followed the money but came to realize that the logical decision wasn't always the right one. Money without a meaningful purpose behind it didn't feel like it was worth as much, whether it was in the corporate or the entrepreneurial world.

So in the summer of 2018, Nik started to share his knowledge, insights and experiences with the world through a series of online courses. They quickly became popular with entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals and students - anyone who wanted to pursue their own path, like Nik, instead of settling for less than they desired. Within weeks, Nik's courses had amassed over 1,000 five star reviews from people whose lives he had positively impacted. He's now focused on growing that positive impact to entertain, inspire and empower as many people as possible to thrive in the complex world we live in.