The One-Liner
I help hustlers, creators and explorers in 130+ countries to thrive on their journey.

The Story
I didn't grow up with a 'normal' life (not in a bad way, it was just different).

By the time I was 10 years old I had lived abroad for a third of my life and experienced over a dozen countries across four continents, which gave me a wider perspective on the complexity of human nature, how the world works and how life could be lived.

Nevertheless, I tried settling back into the normal template of life in my early twenties. I went to university, but found myself memorizing useless facts rather than learning anything engaging. I then got a job at a consulting firm that advises most of the world's largest brands, but found myself being told what to do and chasing a promotion rather than listening to myself and pursuing my own interests. It didn't make sense to me.

Unlike a lot of people who realise they want to live differently, I wasn't failing in the normal life (I graduated at the top of my class and got that promotion). But I knew I wasn't as happy, fulfilled and inspired as I could be. I think most people feel that way to some extent - but you don't have to hit 'rock bottom' before you want to reach for something more. 

One Sunday evening, I went to bed thinking that I no longer wanted to have that sinking feeling before Mondays (or the following four weekdays). So I decided to quit my job and launched a collection of online ventures that sold a variety of content, products and services on social media.

With over 10,000 customers and up to $45,000 per month in sales, things were going well. I was grateful, but I still felt that I wasn't as happy, fulfilled and inspired as I could be. I was promoting other people's content, products and services instead of creating my own, and I was just selling to the world rather than providing value to it. Again, I think most people can't truly enjoy what they do if they don't know why they're doing it. 

I reframed my view and focused on how I could share my skills, knowledge and experiences with those who needed it. I saw that there were millions of people who wanted to live differently, like me. These hustlers, creators and explorers were embracing the unknown, taking risks and pursuing their own journey instead of choosing the default template of a normal life, which deeply resonated with me.

So in the summer of 2018, I started creating a series of social media courses to help them succeed with their pursuits. Within months, the courses rapidly grew in popularity and amassed over 1,000 five star reviews from people in over 130 countries. I knew this was it. I felt happy, fulfilled and inspired. I was sharing my own skills, knowledge and experience rather than promoting other people's content, products and services. I was providing value to the world instead of just selling to it.

I'm now focused on growing that impact by helping more people who want to live differently - the hustlers, creators and explorers of the world - to thrive on their journey.