Book A Private Consulting Session With Me

The digital age we live in is continuously creating new, exciting and lucrative opportunities for us to seize.

Every day there are successful entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses and organizations who are hustling hard, living their dream and achieving their goals online.

However, there are many more who aren't. Entrepreneurs aren't getting any sales. Influencers are struggling to gain followers. Businesses aren't growing. Organizations are finding it difficult to make an impact. 

You'd think that with the massive amount of informative articles, videos and podcasts available, everyone would be successful. But unfortunately, they're not.

The problem is that articles, videos and podcasts don't provide any personalized advice, insights and value. 


If you're an entrepreneur, influencer, business or an organization, or someone who's interested in successfully starting something online, I'm offering you a private one hour consulting session with me.

The most popular things I advise people on include:

  • How to gain followers on social media and build a loyal community
  • How to increase sales for products and services and get repeat purchases
  • How to create or curate compelling content to skyrocket engagement
  • How to set up and rapidly scale Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • How to effectively use email marketing and set up automated campaigns 
  • How to optimize websites to maximize valuable actions (e.g. sign-ups)
  • What different options there are for making online income


I've built a variety of online businesses, social media accounts, websites and mailing lists that have generated multiple 6-figures.

Below are three screenshots from one of them. The first screenshot shows how I took it from $0 to $170,549 in the first six months, the second shows how it made $45,009 in one month and the third shows how it made $2,132 in one day:


After booking your consulting session you'll receive an introductory email from my team, who will ask you for your preferred time, date and method of communication for the session. You can choose a voicecall, a videocall or if you're based in London, I'm happy to meet in person!

If you have something you're already working on, you'll also be asked to provide links to your website and social media channels, along with any relevant information or attachments you'd like to send me.

Once it's all confirmed, I'll assess everything you send me before our session so that my recommendations are ready and we can start strong.



Why are you only charging £149 for your consulting sessions? 
My primary purpose for offering them isn't to make money. It's to better understand your needs, interests and behaviours, which will help me to shape other ideas I have in mind for the future.

Can I change or cancel my booking? 
Yes, you can cancel your booking for a full refund or make changes to the time and date up to four hours before our scheduled session via email.

What social media platforms do you specialize in? 
Facebook and Instagram, however, many of the principles of social media success can be applied across all of them.

What website platforms do you specialize in? 
Shopify and Squarespace, but again, the principles of maximizing online conversions can be applied across all of them.

What email platforms do you specialize in? 
Mailchimp, and you can guess what I'm about to say next!

Have you sold products that you've had manufactured yourself, or do you use dropshipping or print-on-demand products? 
I have experience with selling all three types of products, along with selling services.

How do I get in touch with you? 
If you have any questions before or after making a booking, please use the contact form or send an email to